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Web design is more than just building a digital space to sell a product or hand out information. Designing a great website takes creativity and purposefulness. The ability to create websites for companies of all industries is a point of pride for us. With numerous projects under our belt, we’ve seen it all. Here’s what we know.

No website design project is going to go the same as the next. An eCommerce website development company that approaches its client projects the same way won’t cut it. That’s why we don’t build websites based on what we know about the process. We build websites for each client through a process that gets to the heart of what makes users tick. That starts with learning the story of everyone we work with. Using a client-first approach, we take all aspects of your brand into consideration.

What Goes into Successful Web Design?

Web design is a crucial aspect of the eCommerce design agency industry. Some companies approach design separately from other aspects of strategic marketing. For us, design is one part of a multifaceted approach to building more impactful ways for users to engage with the businesses and organizations they love.

It’s not just about what’s on the website or how it looks. It’s an overall experience that users feel, interact with, and engage with every time they visit a website. There’s nothing more impactful than a website that gives users things they didn’t even know they wanted. Through deep conversations with clients about what makes them special, we find those smaller details and real game-changing elements to add to a web design build.

Answering a problem is fine, but asking the right questions gets you further.

We interconnect all aspects of digital marketing to build better web design experiences. It’s all about making an impression on both a visceral and practical level.

Making an Impression

When we see a good website, we know it right away. Sometimes it’s the visual design of a website and the smaller details like illustrations and iconography. Other times, it’s the experience of using the site. We like to think that a first impression makes or breaks an eCommerce company based on how competitive the market is becoming. That’s why we make sure we’re on the right track every step of the way.

Prototyping and user testing a website is crucial to how we approach projects at Big Human. It helps us figure out the right user experience and user interface. Any great eCommerce design agency knows that testing a product helps to determine whether it works or not. Well, we test with real users that give meaningful feedback on the key metrics and elements that make a website special. It’s important to approach this step in the process with two things in mind. Firstly, analytics can sometimes tell us the things that users don’t express in words. Data is just as crucial in the development process as it is post-launch.

Secondly, a website is often only as great as the system in which it is built. In most projects, we find that one thing users like about our builds is that our web designs are as efficient as they are aesthetically pleasing. Our engineers appreciate this as well, and that’s why they’re so great at what they do. We have a process down that allows our team to focus on what each specific client needs in order to make an impression with users. It’s an approach to strategic web design that works for everyone. And by everyone, we literally mean everyone.

Strategic Web Design That Works for Everyone

Accessibility isn’t a fad in the world of web design. It’s a much needed wake-up call to all designers that no web design is complete until it works for everyone. We build our websites with all users in mind. That means ensuring web accessibility features are at the forefront of our builds.

In every project we work on, planning for enhanced accessibility starts from the beginning. Tacking on expanded features at the end isn’t real accessibility. Building from the beginning with every user imaginable in mind is what works best. That’s why we do things this way.

There’s a better way to approach development that doesn’t just look at users as a statistic or goal to reach. Just like our clients, the users and their personal experience on every project with which we work matters to us.

Resonate with Audiences Old and New

On the topic of audiences, our web design company specializes in building out an experience that fits both current and future visitors. How can we predict the future? No one can but simply put, there’s a way to approach web design that sets clients up for the long term. That includes growth, expanded branding, and even new ventures unimagined at this point in time.

The unpredictability of eCommerce is why we like to include non-design considerations in the web design process. Strategy and development might be the marketing wing of what we do, but they have a place in design as well. Setting users up for an impactful experience means ensuring every visit to a website is informative, engaging, and even a little fun.

Digital design approaches don’t simply look to improve the experience of current visitors. An audience is ever-expanding in the world of eCommerce, and that means three things help ensure clients are ready to grow with their user base: usability, interactivity, and analytics-driven updates. We keep these three elements in mind from start to finish.

We’re Ready to Get to Work

Big Human is a custom eCommerce web development powerhouse that utilizes an experienced team in all elements of digital marketing to build smarter, more strategic web experiences.

We know how the other companies do things, but we like our approach. Our clients do, too. Our development strategies set us up to make a good eCommerce company great. We’re ready to get to work, so let’s get started, shall we?

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