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Big Human: A Startup Application Development Agency


We’re a big fan of partnering with startups. Why? Because startups are willing to take risks and try bleeding-edge technologies. We believe it’s more important than ever for startups to create a distinct, memorable experience for users in order to achieve success. Just like our startup clients, we’re scrappy at Big Human. We all play the roles of creator & innovators, allowing us to think just like our startup app agency clients.

Why choose Big Human for your startup app development?

As “Humans,” we identify the connections between your startup vision and your audience needs, and bring it to life through design and development. We are well-versed in startup application development, having helped numerous startups get their ideas off the ground - including our own! We create custom-designed solutions, with both backend and frontend development capabilities.

From Concept to Reality

As a startup app development company, we have helped many startups turn their ideas into reality. We take ideas, both big and small, and work together with our clients to design their vision. Innovating new ideas, solving user problems, and launching easy-to-use apps is what fuels us.

Robust, Cross-Discipline Solutions

We can create robust startup app development solutions by combining development with the powers of design, product management, and strategy. Our nimble teams work together throughout the entire development process, making sure no needs are lost in translation and every feature seamlessly fits.

Solutions for Now and the Future

The mobile and web applications we create are meant to set our clients up for long-term success. We not only value cutting-edge design and on-trend features, we also ensure our applications have room to grow. Many of our clients have collaborated with Big Human to test out ideas, giving them room to grow, expand, and even pivot their business venture.

App development across multiple devices

Having your application accessible from whatever device your customers are using is a requirement in the technology age. We know how to create successful startup applications, no matter the platform. With full-stack development capabilities, we can build startup applications on iOS, Android, or React.

What we offer as a startup app development company

As experts in the startup application industry, we know that how an application looks and functions is just as important as how it’s programmed. Working with startup founders, we often work on end-to-end product development, starting with branding, and continuing through design and development.

UX/UI Design

Our designers create engaging, interactive startup app experiences that span the entire user journey. By ensuring users can seamlessly navigate the application, we can develop a more technically efficient application. We want to set both our clients and end users up for success.

Technology Consultation

Our startup partners seek out our expertise at a range of experience levels. While some startups may have already launched their application, many come to us with just an idea. No matter the challenge, we collaborate with our clients to uncover the best technology solutions and integrations for their needs.

Desktop, mobile, iOS, and Android development

We have capabilities across all programming languages, and often create solutions for clients that span multiple devices. We create applications for both iOS and Android, as well as build responsive websites for both desktop and mobile. The development team is knowledgeable about many different back-end languages, including Python, React, and Vue.js.

QA and A/B Testing

As an application development partner, our job doesn’t end the second we hit “launch.” We continue to work with clients to conduct quality assurance testing, A/B test features, and refine the US functionalities. Our clients trust us to be solutions-oriented partners that bring their full vision to life, and we don’t stop tinkering with our applications until that’s achieved.

Our Startup Application Design and Development Process

We work with our startup application founders at each step of the process, ensuring that our solutions bring their vision to life. Along the way, we customize our approach based on each client’s needs, because every engagement is unique. As a full-service startup app agency, we go beyond development and create big-picture startup brands.

Strategy & Discovery

Designing a startup application requires us to understand the target audience. We use the discovery phase to understand our client’s business goals, as well as the needs and wants of potential users. Leveraging research tactics like stakeholder interviews and qualitative user research, we can create unique startup brands.

Design & Refine

We believe that the brand and experience should work together as one, and our design process is set up to make that happen. When designing startup brands from scratch, we work together to design logos, typography, and visuals that bring the brand to life. To bring ideas to reality, we wireframe and conceptualize designs, and collaborate with clients to perfect it.

Develop & Test

Our front-end and back-end startup application development capabilities turn these ideas and designs into functional apps. We’re not a single-operating-system kind of agency, either, so we program in many different languages across devices. Along the way, we test the features and usability, making sure the applications are flawless.

Launch & Iterate

Once our startup application development phase has been completed, we’re ready to launch it! At Big Human, launching an application does not mean our partnership is over. We work with clients to test and refine applications, making sure the product functions seamlessly and that users can successfully navigate it. Even when we hand off assets, we’re always around for future iteration needs.

Why Big Human?

We’ve helped many clients—from startups to established retail leaders—find success online by building custom shops and marketplaces with our leading-edge website development services. Whether you’re a trailblazing founder looking to break the industry mold by reimagining what it means to shop online or an ecommerce veteran, we’d love to help!

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