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Big Human: A Startup Application Development Agency


It’s not easy to get a startup app off the ground. Growth is rarely linear, and that includes the bright minds who get it right from the start. We’re well aware that when it comes to app development for startups, it’s tough finding a jumping-off point. Luckily, that’s where we come in. Let Big Human help guide you from ideation through execution.

Mobile apps can help transform startups looking for their big break in the market into bonafide rising stars in the industry. The right team is usually hard to find, but we’re more than happy to stand as the exception. Big Human knows digital app development, and we’re ready to get started on the next big thing.

We’re a NYC-based web, app, and digital strategy agency with the tools to build solution-based resources for everyone from the early startup to well-established brands. Tackling the increasingly competitive app marketplace can be tricky, but we’re not one to shy away from a challenge.

From ideas to innovation in the growing app marketplace

Startup app development isn’t just about launching the app itself. At this stage in the business lifecycle, a good app can boost an unknown industry newcomer to must-know status. The increasing influence of mobile applications makes it a no-brainer to tackle this market. Most startups just need the right team in their corner. From past projects, we know our team is built for success, and we’re ready to share those skills with startups seeking a robust start to a new business.

A successful app doesn’t just come together. It’s created through strategic approaches to solving problems users might not even know exist. At Big Human, we’re built on the idea that solution-based strategies for modern businesses should go beyond the minimum. We take ideas and cater their growth to a shared vision we develop with our clients. Every project is tailored to the startups needs; nothing is plug-and-play. Whatever the need might be, we’re here to build a better way to achieve goals in the app marketplace.

Why Big Human?

We truly do it all when it comes to marketing strategy and design. From branding bootcamps to complete overhauls of how top names in eCommerce reach their audiences, we find success in every project we take on because we love what we do.

When brands turn to Big Human for eCommerce mobile app development, here’s what to expect. First thing’s first, like any aspect of eCommerce, everything a brand puts out there in the digital world has an impact. From keeping customers coming back for more to reaching new audiences that might not have been on the radar, an app is one of the best places to put your business on the map.

What does that look like? For starters, we take a multi-functional approach to app development because apps themselves need to be multi-functional. Users expect a handful of features, no matter what app they download:

  • Speed and efficiency while using the app
  • Easy to navigate pages and menus
  • Clear and informative descriptions on categories and products
  • A positive shopping experience from start to finish

We arrive at our approach to designing a mobile app differently every time we work with a client. One thing in common with most app projects: those four pillars of a great eCommerce app. The way we achieve that is going to be individual to each client, which is why we get to know each other first. Let’s find out what the app’s possibilities could be for a brand and start from there.

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