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Bring dignity, reliability, and speed to New York City’s food pantry system.

Every year, 130 million pounds of free food is distributed to 1.4 million New Yorkers who depend on it. But the process of getting that food has been far from dependable. Food pantries struggled to organize information and modernize their intake process, while people regularly spent hours waiting in line, sometimes ending up with nothing.

NYC Food Assistance Collaborative was looking for a way to both enhance customer service and improve data collection in emergency food. Together we made Plentiful, a free reservation system for food pantries and the people they serve.

Our Role
Product Definition
UX/UI Design
Plentiful ad
Plentiful ad

First, Do No Harm

This was our motto throughout the project. We had to streamline the system already in place, not upend what was already working or create an entirely new system.

This started by understanding ingrained behaviors, beliefs, and needs. Through a series of in-depth interviews, forums, and surveys, we compiled a collection of insights around how families interacted with the pantries, and how the pantries themselves operated internally. This set us on the right path to design an experience that improved things for everyone.

First, Do No Harm. This started by understanding ingrained behaviors, beliefs, and needs.
Families Wanted

A clean, friendly Android-based mobile and SMS experience.

Pantries Needed

A customizable scheduling, info capture and communication tool.


Visual Identity

Before we could streamline the system, we needed to create the brand. Our primary brand goal was to demonstrate to both families and pantries that this service was clear, trustworthy, welcoming, and informative. All our work was tested to ensure it resonated with our audience.

Naming + Logo

Plentiful branding

Colors & Typography


When naming Plentiful, we wanted a direction that was true to the benefit, not the problem. To balance the aspirational nature of the name, we paired it with an icon that clearly represents what Plentiful is all about: getting families the food they need to thrive.

To soften the overall utilitarian nature of the app, we chose a fresh looking and welcoming color palette. Roboto was chosen as the brand typeface for its high legibility and extended language support.

Our primary brand goal was to demonstrate to both families and pantries that this service was clear, trustworthy, welcoming, and informative.

plentifulplentiful colorsplentiful languages


The Plentiful App

We built & launched the tool for pantries to fully ensure the system was functioning seamlessly before launching the family-facing experience. For pantries our goal was make their system faster, more efficient, and measurable. For families our goal was to make an easier and more dignified experience.

Product design list one

For the families

The Plentiful app for clients provides a simple and reliable way to book appointments.

graphic design illustration of a search icon with magnifying glass

Find food pantries across all 5 boroughs

graphic design illustration of calendar

Schedule an appointment at a Plentiful pantry

graphic design illustration of two chat boxes

Support in 9 different languages

graphic design illustration of mobile phone with red chat box

Android app and SMS service

graphic design illustration of information on a chart

Check-in, registration & documentation verification

I just downloaded and installed the Plentiful App, which helps you find food pantries all over New York City, and I love it!

Julio Rosario

Client of St. Clement’s Food Pantry, Manhattan

Product design list one

For the pantries

We designed a dashboard to provide Pantries with a slew of tools tailored just for them.

graphic design illustration of pale blue gear icon

Set up and manage reservation times

graphic design illustration of a clock

Manage walk-in’s and create waiting lists

graphic design illustration of hourglass

Streamline the client check-in process

graphic design illustration of information on a clipboard

Registration and document verification

graphic icon of a person with a circle for head on blue background

Manage client profiles & communications

graphic design illustration of dials

Customizable intake forms based on individual pantry needs

graphic design illustration of flip board with red line graph

Analytics to track impact and required resources

We visited pantries all over the city and nothing fit until Plentiful: Get rid of the line outside, keep people warm and indoors.

Cassandra Agredo

Executive Director, Xavier Mission, Manhattan

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stacked image 1
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stacked image 3

For Funders

We made a robust dashboard giving them a holistic overview of the entire program.

graphic design illustration of dark blue briefcase

View details of all Pantries in the Plentiful network

graphic design illustration of medical chart with checkmarks

Manage Pantry details

abstract illustration of sending a message with two blue boxes and red arrow

Message directly with Pantry staff

graphic design illustration of bar graph

View high-level customer analytics including demographics and booking statistics for each pantry as well as the whole network

For pantries our goal was make their system faster, more efficient, and measurable. For families our goal was to make an easier and more dignified experience to find pantries and book appointments. And funders needed a way to see a holistic view of the entire program.

Plentiful map


Getting the word out

Finally, we created a beautiful and easy to navigate site to help Plentiful educate food service programs around the city and a collection of signage, collateral and promotional items for use by Pantries and their customers.

Plentiful design imagePlentiful design image two

Examples of Pantry wayfinding

Reusable branded tote bags to replace plastic bags

Plentiful design image signage

Informational brochures and hand-outs for use by Pantries

Plentiful Mobile 1
plentiful mobile


A Huge Impact for New Yorkers

To date, we've improved hundreds of thousands of pantry visits for over a hundred thousand clients all across New York City.

That’s more food to more clients, in less time. That’s shorter lines. Less time waiting in the cold. Or in the heat. That’s reliable data that can be used to help improve pantry operations and consistently enhance how New Yorkers get the food they depend on, all while making a system feel more like a service.

4,010,785Appointments Made
811,908Families Registered
429Pantries (and counting!)
Plentiful is still growing at an astounding rate, adding on average 7000 new families per month while maintaing an 80% retention rate.