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Big Human is a full-service mobile app developer in New York City. While there is a seemingly endless number of app developers in NYC, Big Human found a way to stand out by doing things a little bit differently.

We offer everything you need from a mobile app development company — and go one step further to include every element of the mobile app experience in the development cycle. That means strategy, problem solving, and even branding are all in mind every step of the way. It’s a mindset that helps Big Human stand out in the crowded NYC app developers community, and it’s a difference our clients notice and appreciate.

Why Develop An App?

It’s true: There are a million and one apps on the marketplace. That said, our approach to development allows businesses to pierce through the herd and emerge more impactful and engaging than competing apps.

We just happen to know how to build an app that fits in line with everything else you’re doing. We offer solutions to problems for companies seeking to grow their app in an increasingly digital world and cluttered marketplace.

Apps are still a driving force in both profits and audience engagement. With a great app, hundreds of doors open to what you can accomplish. Simply offering users an app, however, isn’t going to cut it. It’s not just about getting something on the App Store or Google Play Store and calling it a day. The real purpose behind an app for a business will require some insight into what you actually hope to accomplish.

The answer won’t be a sales figure or KPI. The heart of your business is what we’re interested in, and we know how to translate your goals and aspirations into an incredible app development experience. The human side of what we do fuels the success we have in the world of development and strategy.

What Big Human Does that Other App Developers in New York Don’t

Big Human made a name for itself by keeping all elements of the digital marketing world in mind across our full-scope line of services. That means when we work with a company on branding, we’re also keeping in mind things like web analytics and design. Likewise, any company looking to build an app in NYC that works with us doesn’t just get a development team. They get a partner in taking a vision and making it a tangible reality.

Our priorities, such as high user engagement and user time spent in an app, go hand in hand with the more creative elements like UX and digital design. Rather than looking at the elements of an app as separate steps in the development process, we view it all as a wave that moves together. In the coding and programming stage, we’ll be thinking about graphics and color schemes. An app is experienced all at once, and Big Human develops mobile apps the same way.

With Big Human, you don’t get an agency that will simply take your requests and return with a final product. We’re in this together. Our product managers work with your team on strategy; our developers prepare check-in demos. None of that happens, however, without our first meetings to figure out what makes your business unique and worthwhile. We listen to your biggest ideas as well as your worries to figure out what type of app is going to get you to where you want to be.

Why We’re One of the Top Android and Apple App Developers in NYC

Every client we’ve worked with agrees that our approach makes the entire project feel a lot more personal. It makes sense, right? Business is personal, no matter how the old saying goes. Our clients share with us why they got started in their industry and market, and we take off from there. From initial pitches to explaining our perspective on mobile app strategy, we innovate right in line with the way you hope to grow.

No app we create is the same as the last. Every business is unique, so the mobile app experience should be as well. We seek to solve your challenges and achieve your goals while building upon your company’s strengths. Mobile apps are popular because they’re an easy way for users to connect with a business and interact with what they offer. With that in mind, an app is only going to be as successful as our shared vision for what it can accomplish.

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

We’re ready when you are to get started on a killer mobile app that will make all of New York City — and beyond — take note. If you’re hoping your app can simply recreate what your website already does, then we dare you to dream bigger. What could an app mean for your business if it connected audiences to more than just your products or services? Why would a user spend time in your app beyond making a quick purchase? There are answers to these questions that could mean transformative things for your business, and we’re ready to get to the bottom of them.

Reach out to us today, and let Big Human partner with you for a bright future. There are mobile app developers in New York who can get you an app, but we can build you an extension of your business that resonates with people. That’s the Big Human connection.

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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