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Big Human, a branding agency for startups

Our role in tech startup branding

At Big Human, we often partner with startups. We believe brands all start with a meaning that can be part of every aspect of your business. More than ever, it’s important to stand out among competition, and create a distinct, memorable brand throughout the entire product experience. As “Humans,” we can identify the emotional connection between your startup brand and your audience, and bring it to life through design.

Why do we love startups? They’re willing to take risks. We can help them pave a way for new creative ideas. And we love bringing a fresh vision to life. Just like our startup clients, we’re scrappy at Big Human. We all play the roles of creator & innovators, allowing us to think just like our startup agency clients.

What does branding for startups look like?

When launching a new company, it’s important to ensure your users become advocates. This is why having a defined brand vision from the beginning is necessary, you want your audience to build trust & remember you. While brands like Nike have a firmly established brand identity, startups have the opportunity to create and continuously mold their brand. While it’s important to represent the company’s values and differentiators, the brand can always expand, grow, and evolve.

We believe startups should be flexible with their brands, and approach brand development with expansion in mind. Brands shouldn’t pigeon-hole themselves, instead they should aim for flexibility.

Elements of an startup brand:

We work with a lot of startups, so we know that building a brand from the ground-up is an exciting, but equally terrifying prospect. Startups should approach brand development in phases, with each one laying the groundwork for continued evolution, starting with a broad brand vision.


Designing custom logos and style guides to bring unique startup branding to life.


Choosing the right typography to represent your brand’s message and convey an emotional connection with users.


Unique company and product naming, and naming systems to represent your new brand.

Brand Positioning

Defining where a brand fits into the marketplace and in the hearts and minds of customers.

Message & Tone of Voice

Establishing brand tone, voice, and personality, as well as supporting key brand messages.

Our Startup Branding Agency Process


Allowing Big Human to understand our clients’ worlds, our discovery process is specific to each client, consisting of exercises such as user research and product definition.

Stakeholder Interviews

Understanding clients’ business goals and insightful visions is key. Stakeholder interviews help establish a foundation for successful new startup brands.

Competitive Audit

We survey competitive and comparable brands, connecting these learnings to our internal site audits and opportunity definition.

User Research

Qualitative and quantitative research with users and business stakeholders to identify pain points, hopes and dreams.

Design & Refine

As a branding agency for startups, we work together to define brand design and strategy guidelines, including colors, typography, tone of voice, and real-life applications.

Why Big Human?

We’ve helped many clients—from startups to established retail leaders—find success online by building custom shops and marketplaces with our leading-edge startup branding agency approach. Whether you’re a trailblazing founder looking to break the industry mold by reimagining what it means to shop online or an ecommerce veteran, we’d love to help!

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