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Ecommerce Mobile App Development


No eCommerce brand is built for success without an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app. The best names in online commerce today aren’t just paying attention to their websites. A great app opens doors for a business. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a big impression or an established eCommerce brand in need of a refresh, you need a top eCommerce mobile app development agency that can take your project from start to finish. Welcome to Big Human.

The Big Human team’s passion for and expertise in app development is at the forefront of everything we do. Explore the mobile applications of any of our past clients, and it’s clear Big Human knows the online app marketplace. With experience on all of the top platforms and devices, our agency is synonymous with quality and reliability for a reason. Not to mention, we’re human-first creatives with a keen eye for the future of what eCommerce is becoming and could one day become. Here’s what we bring to the table.

Why Big Human?

We truly do it all when it comes to marketing strategy and design. From branding bootcamps to complete overhauls of how top names in eCommerce reach their audiences, we find success in every project we take on because we love what we do.

When brands turn to Big Human for eCommerce mobile app development, here’s what to expect. First thing’s first, like any aspect of eCommerce, everything a brand puts out there in the digital world has an impact. From keeping customers coming back for more to reaching new audiences that might not have been on the radar, an app is one of the best places to put your business on the map.

What does that look like? For starters, we take a multi-functional approach to app development because apps themselves need to be multi-functional. Users expect a handful of features, no matter what app they download:

  • Speed and efficiency while using the app
  • Easy to navigate pages and menus
  • Clear and informative descriptions on categories and products
  • A positive shopping experience from start to finish

We arrive at our approach to designing a mobile app differently every time we work with a client. One thing in common with most app projects: those four pillars of a great eCommerce app. The way we achieve that is going to be individual to each client, which is why we get to know each other first. Let’s find out what the app’s possibilities could be for a brand and start from there.

How Big Human Approaches Mobile App Development

Full-service isn’t just a buzzword; from design and development to strategy and branding, we love it all (and we offer it all, too). When it comes to mobile app development, here’s how we see things.

Just like getting to know our clients, we think it’s important to get to know users who will eventually download, use, and love our app. That means extensive user research goes into finding out what experience is going to work best for the project’s intended audience. Fun fact: Audiences change every day, which is why we also bring to the table our extensive knowledge about what capabilities and features speak most strongly to mobile app users and stakeholders.

We dive in deep with qualitative and quantitative research designed as pointing us in the right direction for eCommerce mobile app success. Meanwhile, our design team gets to work on the app’s look and feel thanks to the responses we’re receiving in the research stage. Navigating the app is one thing, but users should actually enjoy and look forward to using an eCommerce app. It makes the experience more pleasant and encourages return visits and purchases. We won’t throw all of the design and development jargon at clients, but we will clearly lay out what will work given the eCommerce company’s products, business goals, and intended audience.

As the design stage carries on, we start to pinpoint app concepts, keeping in mind what we learn about each other as we discuss hopes, dreams, and aspirations for not just the app but the eCommerce business as a whole. From here, our development team gets to work on the app itself. With extensive knowledge in iOS, Android, and React Native development, our team is able to design an app that fits all of these platforms like a glove. Not to mention, we also design mobile and desktop experiences so using the eCommerce app feels easy and helpful, no matter where a user might log in.

Mobile Apps for eCommerce With Every Aspect of Success in Mind

A mobile app is only as successful as the way a business uses it. While we’re building an app together, we’ll also be discussing key elements of strategy and design to ensure the app does what it’s meant to do. From helping achieve business goals to helping to develop brand identity, all of these elements churn together through the mobile app experience.

Users should log on to an eCommerce app and know the business’s brand, style, voice, and sense of creativity within minutes of downloading. All of these elements work great together in theory, but they need to be present during the mobile app development process. That’s why we take a collaborative approach to developing eCommerce apps. Design complexity and unique features can be what makes an app stand out. We find these perks and niche selling points because we’re in this together and our client’s satisfaction is our number-one priority.

We Think We’d Be Great Together

eCommerce mobile app development is unique to the app design and development world. It’s an industry all on its own that also pulls from the trends and successes of mobile apps from across the internet. Let’s get started on something great together.

Go ahead and let us know what app features or design considerations could help your eCommerce mobile app shine; we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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