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Big Human: An ecommerce branding agency

Expertise from an ecommerce creative agency

We believe brands all start with a meaning, and grow to impact every piece of your business. A brand isn’t just a logo and a tagline, and this is especially true for ecommerce branding. More than ever it’s important to stand out among competition, and create a memorable experience from browsing through purchasing.

We create brand identity systems from scratch, or evolve existing ones to make it happen. The way an ecommerce website functions is an extension of its brand. For example, if a brand wanted to convey luxury and high-class service, it might choose colors that are dark and incorporate sleek, clean animations in the app. As “Humans,” we can identify the emotional connection between your ecommerce brand and your audience, and bring it to life through design.

What is branding in ecommerce?

As an ecommerce design agency, we believe that brand and product should always work as one. Each point of interaction can be uniquely designed to reinforce your brand values. We look at ecommerce branding as a complete picture, made up of many interactions and design assets.

Your company needs to stand out in a sea of sameness. Our Ecommerce branding services can help you reach your target audience. This is more important than ever, as consumers’ shopping habits continue to shift online. When customers have access to Google, Amazon, and Instagram to discover new retailers, it means ecommerce companies need to work even harder to distinguish their brand, products, and services from their competition.

Elements of an Ecommerce Brand

We work with a lot of ecommerce clients, developing an expertise to see brands as a complete picture. We define and design not only how the brand looks, but how it behaves, feels, and sounds through a user’s purchase journey.


Designing custom logos and style guides to bring unique startup branding to life.


Choosing the right typography to represent your brand’s message and convey an emotional connection with users.


From photography style to custom illustrations, we create a brand identity full of custom icons, patterns, and graphics.

Brand Identity

We help clients develop a complete brand identity system based on their ecommerce brand needs. We create style guides for brand design, and brand guidelines for brand strategy.

Our Ecommerce Branding Process

Establish your brand story

Ecommerce brands need to reinforce their product differentiation and unique brand values. Successful brands are able to make an emotional connection with their audience and turn them into brand loyalists.

Understand your customers

Designing an ecommerce brand requires an understanding of its users. What parts of the brand most resonate with users? What are our users’ pain points, hopes, and dreams? We use qualitative and quantitative research to answer these questions.

Create a unique & engaging customer experience

Our ecommerce creative agency approach builds on the foundation of a brand, and uses design to bring it to life. We design interactive, seamless ecommerce experiences that span the entire user journey from the first interaction through purchase.

Make your customers feel like they’re part of the story

As an ecommerce branding agency, we work together to make your customers feel like they’re part of the story. By testing and evaluating our ecommerce design services, we’re able to create unique products and test them with real users.

Why Big Human?

We’ve helped many clients—from startups to established retail leaders—find success online by building custom shops and marketplaces with our leading-edge ecommerce branding services. Whether you’re a trailblazing founder looking to break the industry mold by reimagining what it means to shop online or an ecommerce veteran, we’d love to help!

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