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Big Human Looks Back, and Ahead

Is it really a New Year if there’s no end-of-year-wrap-up? If our Instagram feeds are any indication, the answer is no! Let’s make 2020 official with a recap of our year, and, as a bonus, some predictions for the year ahead.

Big Humans 2019

It was a plentiful year filled with all kinds of growing, eating, and doing. We’ve seen growth across all of our friend groups: clients, investors, and coworkers. When we weren’t staring into the depths of our computer monitors, we indulged in lots of activities: eating, drinking, and creative experiences. We've crunched the numbers, and here are the highlights. 



Our 2020 Predictions

Being the trendy, in-tune people that we are, we feel extremely qualified to share our predictions for some big cultural milestones in 2020. Or, maybe we’ve been reading our CoStar apps too much. Either way, we can’t wait to say “I told you so!” 


January 16, 2020TIL