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Seeking Geniuses

We're excited to share the launch of our design & engineering collaboration with NewtonX, the first AI-powered platform for connecting you with world-class experts. And we’re recruiting some brainiacs of our own for the Big Human Internship Program.

NewtonX - Connecting Smart People

Let's say you really need to know the penetration of 4G cell phone networks in Micronesia, or how climate change is projected to affect the crop yield of Sudanese sesame seeds. Who do you ask? NewtonX! Their platform connects knowledge seekers with the ideal experts, crawling a huge database of smart people with their algorithm, and using requests to drive an expanding pipeline of domain experts. The system makes it easy to find difficult info, and even takes care of scheduling discussions.


Check out our work at NewtonX, and find the perfect snackable story through updated playlists, categories, and a seamless content experience.



Do you know any ambitious, creative young humans? Are they interested in Design? Engineering? Branding? Strategy? Send them our way! Members of the Big Human Internship program will spend the summer building and launching their own digital product through Big Human Labs, known for incubating apps like Vine and HQ Trivia.

They’ll also get to know the service side of the studio, and shadow client projects for start-ups and enterprise companies. This is a 3-month paid internship (June - Aug), including a stipend, Metrocard and other office perks.

May 16, 2019Newsletters