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Hey all you good boys and puppers! Big Human here to tell you about a special client: PuppySpot. Adding a furry friend to the family is a big, exciting decision. To help new puppy parents, PuppySpot is dedicated to help them with the process, from navigating all of the big decisions, to bringing home the perfect pup. Their goal: be a trusted place for future dog owners to find their next puppy.

PuppySpot not only showcases all of the puppies available through their hand-selected breeders, they’re also focused on increasing their educational content to be a go-to resource for potential owners, and are building a site that allows them to partner with animal shelters in the future. Overall, Big Human needed to solve for a unique digital experience: creating an e-commerce-ilke experience for something that is not a product, but is focused on finding the right fit for the future dog parents.

Our Role
  • Brand Design
  • Website Design
  • Illustration


Fido-Approved Brand Design

PuppySpot came to Big Human to revitalize their brand, placing emphasis on their values of being a trustworthy partner and their desire to be an educational resource for soon-to-be dog owners. Throughout our design process we introduced new brand colors and typefaces, resulting in a comprehensive style guide that ties joy and trust to the PuppySpot brand.

We worked with PuppySpot to create a unique illustration style that brings to life PuppySpot’s ability to create families, by focusing on images that show the relationship between people and their pets. We also expanded the PuppySpot branding across the full website experience, creating a style guide that enables PuppySpot to continue to expand their capabilities.

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Catering to All Users

Every prospective puppy parent has a different need once they land on the Puppyspot homepage, so it was important for us to make sure it clearly guides users to the right content. Our goal was to enable users to discover all of the information they might be searching for, and design it in a way that seamlessly guides users into the ‘reservation funnel’.

Some users are at the beginning stages of looking for a puppy, hoping to discover what breeds are right for them. Other users want to browse the variety of puppies and what’s currently available. Finally, other users may not be familiar with PuppySpot, meaning earning their trust is extremely important.

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What Puppy Is My Perfect Match?

One of the biggest decisions for any new puppy parent is: what kind of dog do I want? There are a ton of factors to consider, like size, temperament, and type of coat, so PuppySpot wanted to help users find their perfect fit. By creating a full hub of educational content, users are able to discover their preferred breed with both recommendations and exploring information. We made sure PuppySpot users could easily navigate to the most-helpful resources for deciding on a new furry family member.

The breed match quiz guides users to the perfect breeds that match their preferences.

The breed detail pages help make the educational content digestible for users comparing breeds.

Search results are easy to navigate, with filters such as color options, and elements that call out specific qualities such as ‘Champion bloodline.”

Puppy Spot education page


Bringing A New Puppy Home

One of the biggest challenges of redesigning PuppyPost was striking a balance between creating an experience that blends elements of e-commerce, with an experience that conveys the important personal relationship people feel with their pets. Creating a special puppy reservation flow was a top priority, enabling users to swiftly reserve their perfect puppy.

The puppy detail pages enable users to get to know each and every available puppy. As the trusted source for all things puppies, we wanted to make sure these pages prioritized the details potential owners needed to know most, such as: breed details, pricing, and availability. Users are also able to browse other puppies or breeds, without ever reaching any dead ends.

When users find their perfect puppy, they want to make sure they don’t miss the opportunity. Because of this, it was important to design a smooth pathway for users to go from their perfect pup’s page to securely reserving their perfect pup. We were able to integrate a reservation process, previously hosted on a 3rd party site, into the PuppySpot website, making it seamless for users to secure their new furry friend.

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