Vacationing Like Kanye
Sipping a strawberry daiquiri from beneath your Fendi sun hat while tan hands spread SPF 30 on your back; what else could be better? I suppose not draining your children’s college fund to pay for it. Jetsetter highlights four main sections of their site to make your entire travel planning experience a walk on the beach. Harvard here we come.
Get outta here
Jetsetter offers low-priced deals on high-end destinations with an easy booking flow. We’ve been designing their members-only website almost since conception. It won the Webby Award for Best Travel Site in 2011 and was acquired by TripAdvisor in 2013.
Picture perfect
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Jetsetter offers over a thousand pictures. With a new photo section to see pics snapped by other travelers and a Wanderlist where you can catalogue your dreams, we bet you’d gram that.
Read it and weep
Jetsetter’s Magazine offers all their tried and tested findings from good brunch spots to best cups of hot chocolate and all the trending destinations in between.