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A brand and site fit for a unicorn

Checkr, an agent of change in the traditional background check industry, is breaking barriers and reinventing the background check process. Frustrated by their experience of slow-moving background checks delaying fast-paced hiring needs, Checkr knew there must be a way to automate this complex manual process.

They went all-in on tackling this problem and founded Checkr in 2014. Not only did they immediately attract several high-profile, flexible-workforce clients, they also expanded into traditional industries by giving employers granular control over background check data. Just years after the company was founded, Checkr’s valuation hit $2.2 billion in 2019.

Looking to shake up their industry even more, Checkr is paving the way for a more fair, diverse future of work. By creating greater transparency and control in the background check process, more candidates are able to bounce back and join the workforce. Checkr came to Big Human looking to create a brand that matched these forward-thinking values, and a website that matched their groundbreaking business approach.

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Uncovering the Human Side of Background Checks

Securing Checkr’s position within the industry meant we needed to gain a deep understanding of their company values, and uncover their competitive opportunities. Most important to Checkr’s values is their human-focused approach. The granular control provided by Checkr’s background check process means employers are no longer bound to the traditional yes or no exclusionary criteria. By enabling companies to focus on what matters most, they’re able to expand their hiring pool and enable at-risk job candidates to join the workforce.

Equally important to Checkr is the ability to successfully speak to several different industries, and be able to balance being innovative with promoting security in a conservative industry.

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An Elevated New Brand

The new Checkr brand needed to reflect the most important aspects of the Checkr company values. Our challenge was to strike a balance between a traditionally buttoned up industry and an innovative, forward-thinking company. We also needed to bring to life Checkr’s human-centered values, their commitment to safety, and their granular background checks that enable transparency.

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Appealing to a Variety of Industries

One of the biggest challenges of the Checkr site was creating effective B2B conversion across a wide variety of industries. Making sure the specific needs of each industry were understood and personalized was key to creating successful conversion.

To address this need, the solutions are organized by industry, creating an effective SEO approach and directly answering the user’s needs. It was also important to bring focus to Checkr’s granular control and its opportunities within not just the gig economy, but also its flexibility across a wide range of other traditional industries.

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A Site Design That Shows the Brand’s Values

Using design to reinforce Checkr’s values was critical to elevating their brand to match the power of their fast-growing company. We were able to represent many of the core Checkr values: human-first approach, commitment to security, unmatched transparency of details, and custom solutions, all while making the brand feel trustworthy.

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Integrating a Headless CMS Solution

Developing and executing a site that enables Checkr to optimize their internal workflow led us to utilizing a headless CMS solution. Making it seamless and easy to update, the Prismic CMS allows Checkr to control and evolve every piece of site content. We also created a library of templates and site components, allowing them to easily design and build new pages without the need for engineering.

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Valuation Fit for a Unicorn

Launching the new brand and site for Checkr quickly brought them to Paragraphowerhouse-start-up-status, raising $160 million during our engagement. The new brand effectively differentiates Checkr within the background check industry competition, and site visitors can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

During our engagement, Checkr raised $160 million in Series D fundraising and reached a $2.2 billion dollar valuation.

44%Post-launch monthly site visits increased
78%The website bounce rate dropped
105%Pages per visit increased