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The Hill, a publication known to Americans for breaking political news, wanted to step outside of politics and into the everyday issues that matter to all Americans. This new mission, Changing America, is meant to shine a light on our country’s spirit of citizenship, focusing on the people and organizations working to change the status quo for the better.

To help Changing America make its mark, Big Human jumped in, excited to bring these new stories to life. We worked to build a brand that embodies the spirit of Changing America’s vision, and create a site where new narratives can come to life.

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Our Role
  • Brand Design
  • Site Design


Proud and Strong

Changing America’s vision was strong, and we knew they needed a visual identity to match. We were creating a brand for a new breed of publisher, yet it still needed to feel iconic and built to last. We struck this balance through type design, using a more classic serif font for the logo, and a clean sans-serif font for the site’s body copy.


Changing America Logo image


Changing America Typography imageChanging America Typography image


Changing America Color imageChanging America Color image

We used two color stories to represent Changing America’s values throughout their site. First, the core brand colors represent the unity of American citizens through a patriotic theme. Second, Changing America’s five subject pillars, sustainability, respect, resilience, enrichment, and well-being, are represented by unique colors. This served to elevate the user experience, guiding users through the content sections, as well as provide a unique visual tone for each pillar.


A Multi-Media Content Hub

Designing a platform that can keep pace with ever-changing content was our core mission. We needed to ensure that it could serve the needs of always-changing content, ad placements were clear, and that the platform was optimized for all types of media and mobile consumption.

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Mobile Design

About 65% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile

Cherrypicks mobile film details

Navigating Content

Screen-takeover navigation leverages brand colors and shows breadth of topics

Changing America Story backgroundChanging America Story background

Editorial Modules

We created different editorial modules, such as the at-a-glance summary, for a variety engaging site content


It’s kind of a big deal

After helping ‘Changing America’ establish their digital platform, we immediately saw the momentum grow. Their fresh perspective had an immediate impact on the media landscape, finally giving a bipartisan voice to issues that so often get overlooked or politicized. In a time filled with global crises and disrupted cultural norms, Changing America is showing us it’s more important than ever to work together.