We are Big Human

We're Big Human: an end-to-end partner


We're a small, but mighty, crew located in NYC and made up of 35 multitalented makers. Our work spans clients of all sizes, from startups looking to create a proof of concept, to big-name clients like TDA and Time Warner.

What makes us different? Our ability to be nimble, work as partners, utilize niche expertise, and navigate complex industries. We're one team working together on design, strategy, and development, helping clients achieve success.

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Start with Big Human, end with Big Human

From strategy to design to development to QA, our work hand-offs are across the table, not across companies. With a centralized team, our work from end-to-end all happens together. Suddenly realize your logo does not fit in the app? We got you.

In the heart of NYC

Located just steps from Union Square, our office is easily reached from Downtown, Midtown, Brooklyn… pretty much the whole city. Not in NYC? We are just as savvy with Google Meet and Zoom, working with clients from around the globe.

Set the bar higher

Quality goes beyond good looks and ease of use. We’re comfortable tackling accessibility requirements, regulatory compliance, and security for clients in highly regulated industries. We’ve spent nearly a decade working with Banking, Insurance, and Medical clients.

Meet our past clients

We are proud to partner with a variety of A-list clients: Time Warner, TDA, MetLife, Compass, and Netflix (coming soon!)