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Big Human: An Enterprise Web Design Company


We’re obsessed with the user experience, designing not for ourselves but for real clients with their corporate needs. Here at Big Human, we use brand and product design to transform enterprise websites into innovative, business-forward digital products. Our secret sauce is marrying our design creativity with seamless technology solutions to create new applications and integrate tech upgrades.

What we offer for Enterprise Website Solutions

Our enterprise website design projects span a wide range of solutions across a diverse set of industries. We’ve helped financial institutions maintain their customer experiences, and we’ve helped clients upgrade existing corporate knowledge hubs. We believe the brand design and unique functionalities of a website should work together, so we offer end-to-end brand solutions, tailored to each client.

User Research

From meeting with stakeholders to understand the business goals, to conducting user interviews to uncover user pain points, we do it all. Our research and strategy approach is tailored to each project, helping us find the right answers to the right questions. Understanding the user's needs helps us create enterprise solutions, helping employees get their jobs done.

UX/UI Design

Stunning designs and unique features are only as impactful as their ease of use, and this is even more important when creating enterprise website solutions. Corporate products are often a wealth of information, and our goal is to create a strong information architecture that increases productivity and streamlines workflows.

Cross-Platform App Development

Beyond building enterprise websites, we often find that end users need to access their enterprise applications from multiple sources. Because of this, we are equipped to build enterprise solutions for desktop, mobile, Android, and iOS. By expanding the reach of our client’s corporate products, their employees can do their jobs more efficiently and less painfully.

QA and A/B Testing

As “Humans,” we’re big on collaborating side-by-side with our clients, and that collaboration doesn’t stop upon launch day. When working with enterprise website projects, our partnerships often continue, helping clients optimize applications, resolving usability issues, updating functionality, and beyond.

Our Enterprise Web Design Process

Whether we are overhauling a company-wide sales application, or upgrading features on existing products, we tailor our process to every client’s needs. Enterprise website development often requires detailed and robust solutions, making every step important in ensuring our final product meets the needs of both end users and our clients.

Strategy & Discovery

Understanding the needs of our clients is always our first priority. By ingesting client materials, hosting stakeholder interviews, and surveying enterprise users, we can set the stage for what features are needed and how we will execute them. At the end of the day, we want to ensure our work makes the users’ lives easier.

Design & Refine

After understanding the needs and pain points of users, our design team conceptualizes the enterprise web design concepts. We approach design in phases, typically starting with content maps and wireframes, and building upon each step until we have a high-fidelity prototype.

Develop & Test

With expertise across all platforms and devices, our development team can turn any concept into a reality. Our programming team can create apps for iOS, Android, or both with React; As well as build websites for desktop, mobile, and responsive web applications. We test while we building, ensuring a smooth path to launching updates.

Launch & Iterate

Our enterprise website solutions don’t always stop after launch, we often continue our partnership to maintain functionalities or build robust infrastructure. We collaborate with clients until we’re satisfied with the product’s functionality, seamless usability, and integrations are secure and in-synch.

Why Big Human?

We’ve helped many clients — from financial institutions to corporate sales management systems — find success online by building custom shops and marketplaces with our leading-edge enterprise website solutions. Whether you’re a trailblazing founder looking to break the industry mold by reimagining what it means to shop online or an ecommerce veteran, we’d love to help!

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