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Looking to launch a new iPhone app and need a partner that’s both creative and technically skilled? Look no further than us “Humans” at Big Human! We are a full-service product and brand design agency, with a special knack for iPhone app designing projects. Our small, nimble team of designers, programmers, strategists, and product managers can take ideas, big and small, and design apps that transform the App Store.

We’d love to work with you!

Why choose Big Human for your iPhone App Design Services?

At Big Human, we believe in a collaborative partnership, meaning we work side-by-side with our clients at each step of the design process. As iOS app designers, we see value in both creative, visually appealing design, as well as seamless user experience design. Our multi-faceted design team has a holistic design approach, giving our iPhone applications a distinct design point of view.

Brand Design

We don’t just design iOS applications for our clients, in fact we often help them build brands from scratch. Our design team brings their creative solutions to define clients’ brands, helping make sure the brand and product truly work together as one. Drop us a line if you need brand and development services along with designing your iPhone application.

Wireframes & IA

As iPhone application experts, we believe our design process should be rooted in organization. The most successful iOS apps allow for users to seamlessly navigate the application from first touch to last interaction. Our designers create wireframes to showcase the full user journey, allowing us to organize information before exploring design.

High-Fidelity Prototypes

By working through product design in a phased approach with a small, consistent team, we can collaborate with clients to build their final product vision. By integrating the brand design and IA, we transform wireframes into a vibrant interface, and showcase interactive animation designs with engaging prototypes.

Illustration & Iconography

We help clients develop a complete brand identity system, often filled with unique icons, patterns, and graphics. From photography styles to custom illustrations, our designs help create an iOS application that stands out in the App Store.

What we offer for iPhone app designing services

All of our projects have different requirements, even those from the same client! We customize our approach for each client, utilizing our different specialties based on the iPhone application solutions we’re looking to create. As a full-service agency, we transcend App Store solutions with our strategic and technical capabilities.

User Research

Designing user-first iPhone applications often requires us to dig into who are users are and what their product needs are. We utilize both qualitative and quantitative research, like interviews and surveys, as well as ingest the primary research provided by our clients. User research helps us identify the user journey, and tailor our designs to that journey.

Custom Architecture Solutions

Whatever kind of iPhone application our clients are looking to build, our development team will recommend the right tech solutions and integrated tools. And when existing libraries aren’t the right solution for our clients’ needs? We work together to create custom software solutions with clean, organized back-ends.

Cross-Platform App Development

Our design and development teams often create products not just for the Apple App Store, but also build for Android or React. Many clients also seek out desktop, mobile, or responsive websites to correspond with their iOS applications, and luckily we handle it all! We value reaching users from the device or platform they’re more familiar with.

QA and A/B Testing

We love to celebrate the launch of a new product or application, but most of the time our client partnership continues after launch. By testing features and assuring the functionality is working as intended, we serve as solutions-oriented partners. Our goal? Make sure our clients have the best product in the Apple App Store.

Why Big Human?

We’ve helped many clients — from ecommerce brands to content creation applications — find success online by building custom shops and marketplaces with our leading-edge iOS app design services. Whether you’re a trailblazing founder looking to break the industry mold by reimagining what it means to shop online or an ecommerce veteran, we’d love to help!

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