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We’re all about solutions. As a full-service eCommerce agency, it’s our job to be ready for whatever comes our way. With over 200 client websites — that include Carnegie Hall and Urban Dictionary — and applications under our belt, we’re excited to use our skills to help others realize their vision.

We’d love to work with you!

Let’s Work Together

There’s no magic potion for a great eCommerce website. The industry is adapting faster than most companies are able to keep up with, even if they’re already running a successful online shop. The bad news is that falling behind the latest business evolutions can sink a business. The good news, however, is that our digital eCommerce agency, Big Human, makes a habit of keeping our clients well-versed in the best tools to succeed.

Some businesses might need help with design. Others might need strategy assistance for ensuring long-term growth. Branding and development could possibly use a tune-up as well. When it comes to eCommerce growth, all aspects of online marketing and sales work together uniquely. That’s why we, as an eCommerce agency, take the time to get together with clients and get to know each other. We’re only going to be as successful as our ability to know what goals and visions are on the table.

Here’s what we can bring to the table when we work together:


Why go to a full-service eCommerce growth agency for design work? Well, design is never just about design. A lot of digital eCommerce companies are comfortable going to a website platform that can build out a site by choosing some pre-set options and launching as is. When we shop on those kinds of sites, we just don’t get that “wow” feeling we do from custom tailored sites. That’s because great design creates a user experience that isn’t just appealing to the eye; great design is also enjoyable to explore.

Big Human is a design agency that has the skills and attention to detail for digital eCommerce growth. From amazing aesthetics to a pitch-perfect user experience, we’re up to the task of jaw-dropping design.


The online retail market is more crowded than ever. But that shouldn’t keep you from aiming for the top. With an eCommerce development agency, the sky’s the limit. At Big Human, we’re focused on solutions, whether it be to apparent problems plaguing a business or little tweaks and changes we can make to go above and beyond. It’s hard pinpointing every little element of eCommerce that’s going to connect with audiences, but with our repertoire of work, we’re prepared to find those little things that make customers tick that other teams might miss.

Strategy is much more than just addressing problem areas. The goal of our strategy as an eCommerce growth agency is to truly understand what an online business is capable of. Whether it be a huge boost to the customer base or a completely fresh approach to branding, we ask the right questions as we get to know each other so we’re already confident in the next steps.


We don’t have to give examples of great branding; we all know it when we see it. At our full-service agency, we approach this crucial element of digital eCommerce carefully and purposefully. What exactly does that look like? Our agency starts by getting familiar with the client. We chat about ideas, current approaches, competition, and anything that has to do with branding. Then, we get to work.

We’re big fans of customer-centric branding, which might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s more than what meets the eye. We’re not just working toward a brand customers love, we’re working to involve customers in the brand. Approaching brand development from the ground up means every element of planning and execution invites customers to jump on board and become a part of the process. From great social media practices to visuals that differentiate our clients, we never underestimate the power of branding.


Development might seem like it takes a backseat to design, but it’s actually one of our favorite parts of being an agency that offers full-service eCommerce solutions. We love exploring frontend and backend development, analytics, and more.

Development isn’t just a process we hit at the end. Development happens throughout the reworking of an eCommerce business. With all aspects of this endeavour happening online, a great website and web services go a long way and then some. The solidified app marketplace is a booming area for brands to explore as well. Think of us, your eCommerce growth agency, as your guide to all things technical. Plus, that same solutions-based approach we take to, well, everything? That applies here, too. We’re not just building websites; we’re helping to build better businesses.

Let’s Chat

When it comes to getting started on a new chapter, some businesses tend to overthink where to start. Don’t go at it alone. Let Big Human brainstorm, build, and bolster every element of your eCommerce project.

As a full-service digital eCommerce agency, we’re happy to talk shop together, build a vision for the future, or simply put our unique expertise to work on an online brand built to last. Let’s get together and talk about what’s next.

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