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Do or Dye

Let’s be honest, if you haven’t hopped on the tie-dye train by now have you even summered yet? Our official opinion is, no. You have not properly summered unless your hands have been stained with dye for a full week. Or more. Trust us, we’ve done it, and we fully recommend, 10/10 would dye again.


DIY Dreams

Since we love rocking Grateful Dead vintage tees all summer long, we decided to put our craft skills to the test and DIY our way to the top. The peak of summer activities. The ultimate summer camp craft.

The do-it-yourself tie-dye kit.

During our annual summer retreat, we gathered our white (and no-longer-so-white) belongings and gave them entirely new lives.


Nothin’ much to add here, we’re just super proud of how this activity brought out our inner craft king and queen and wanted to show off our masterpieces.

Here are some of the main take-aways from our experience:

  • Wear the gloves that come in the kit

  • Check out examples of how to rubberband your garment online and from the kit, but take the directions with a grain of salt. The ones we loved the most were the ones we were most cavalier, or negligent in rubberbanding

  • Soak the garment in white vinegar and water before washing. **DON’T** wash them with other clothes the first time. Some of us learned the hard way and inadvertently tie-dyed our entire wardrobe

  • Less is more. We loved how the colors reacted to being mixed together

  • Get a tie-dye kit with a large variety of colors

  • Remember:** this is an outdoor activity!!! Best done in the grass and not on your porch or upholstered chairs…Yikes 

  • WEAR THE GLOVES! Seriously


Aren’t they rad!? We’re so proud. Follow us on instagram **@big.human** to check out our future craft adventures.



August 08, 2019TIL